Meet Dianne

Dianne Digiovanni has been a licensed agent since 2004. She brings with her many years of experience in sales, sales management and bookkeeping. Dianne was a mortgage loan agent as well and can help her clients understand financing, qualifying, loan options and can point them in the best direction for loans. We are so proud to have a quality professional such as Dianne helping you with all your real estate needs. 
As an Ex-Mortgage Broker:
She has 4 years experience in the mortgage profession to help you understand the many financial options available. Initially she can help explain loan terms, closing costs, how to qualify, tax deductions and future payment obligations. She also knows the best mortgage professionals in town and can guide you to their care. Finally, she will be able to help you successfully coordinate the needs of your chosen mortgage professional.
As a Bookkeeper
Dianne's meticulous detail to numbers allows you the comfort of knowing she is on top of the details of your transaction. She goes over all aspects of your real estate transaction and details them to you in a palatable form. Her attention to details will be of great comfort.
Contact: (831) 359 0187 Cell or (831) 426-0294 Office
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