Authentic Florida



Greg Flowers – Broker
Direct:  (831) 454-6846.
825 Golfview Street, Orlando, FL 32804
Lic# – #BK3370839


Authentic Real Estate is very proud to open its first Florida branch in the beautiful College Park area of Orlando. We chose this area not only because of its natural beauty, but also because it’s thriving real estate development community. Orlando has come a long way from the leading citrus producer in the 1960’s to one of the world’s top tourist destinations in the world.  With new, progressive cities like Lake Nona and Windermere Estates, Orlando is projecting a very bright future! Our Florida branch we will be initiating a combination of real estate development, real estate sales and, property management. We look forward to creating relationships with local real estate agents and create a unique working environment. Authentic Agents embrace a business culture of progressive attitudes and building strong, professional working relationships. 

We look forward to growing our business with you Florida!