Sean Sullivan


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DRE: 01941525

Sean Sullivan has been involved in Real Estate since 2004 as an investor, Developer and most recently a HUD Certified Low income Property Manager. Sean has an array of skills gathered from past jobs and 3 college degrees that have given him the ability to take on challenges with confidence and competency. With all his experience, Sean has the unique ability and team to take a project from conception to completion and then stay on to manage your next residents. Sean's Property management strengths lie in his ability to understand tenants and resolve matters creatively and swiftly. Sean's skill set includes a wealth of knowledge in bookkeeping, property maintenance and management of all subcontractors/vendors. Sean is also a respected member of the National and local Cycling Community and has been a professional Ultra Endurance Cyclist since 1995, he will often use his bicycle to help research properties and houses in remote places. Currently he and his wife Tina are raising a son here is Santa Cruz, Ca.

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